Baby Lock

Baby Lock Overlocker Sewing Machine

Give your fashion projects a refined look with the Baby Lock Overlocker range. Experience for yourself the easy threading, ease with different materials, and simple handling of the Baby Lock Overlocker.

The Baby Lock Overlocker is easy to use and can handle multiple layers of fabric smoothly. At The Sewing Corner, you can purchase major models of the Baby Lock brand, including Evolution, Evolve, and Ovation, with the support of the staff to get you acquainted with your new machine.

We aim to provide all of our customers with the product best suited for their needs and abilities, to help bring your projects to life. Contact our team on the phone or in store to discuss the best options for your latest project.

We don’t just sell superior quality overlocking machines from Baby Lock, we also provide servicing and repair solutions for these machines. As our company motto says, “We sell the best and service the rest”- The Sewing Corner can provide the servicing and maintenance required to ensure you get the maximum quality and lifespan from your new or existing overlocking machine.

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