Singer Overlocker Machine

The Sewing Corner offer a range of Singer Sewing Machines and Overlockers at affordable prices. The brand have a great line of machines that cater to a wide range of home sewing and overlocking needs for users all over Australia.

Singer Overlocker Machines stand out from its competitors. At The Sewing Corner, we can help you choose your perfect fit from models like the Overlocker Heavy Duty 14HD854 for bigger sewing jobs, and the Overlocker 14SH654 for home sewing enthusiasts. Achieve an intricate finish with sophisticated designs on your choice of fabric, made simpler with the Singer Overlocker range.

We aim to provide all of our customers with the product best suited for their needs and abilities, to help bring your projects to life. Contact our team on the phone or in store to discuss the best options for your latest project.

We don’t just sell superior quality overlocking machines from Singer, we also provide servicing and repair solutions for these machines. As our company motto says, “We sell the best and service the rest”- The Sewing Corner can provide the servicing and maintenance required to ensure you get the maximum quality and lifespan from your new or existing overlocking machine.

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